There is an awful lot of research going on these days in the area of Lifestyle Medicine.  And, that research science is confirming the value of healthy lifestyle choices in the prevention and reversal of chronic disease.  Diet, exercise, stress reduction, faith all have a role to play.   Take a look at what the scientists are saying!  It will change your life!


what's on your plate?

Can a plant-based diet REVERSE my diabetes?

So, what do those collards and blackeyed peas REALLY do for you in the New Year? In a recent study in the South on commonly eaten foods, COLLARDS came in 2nd behind chicken!!  WHAAATT?!?!?  Here are two links that discuss the benefits of these foods.  Can someone say DETOX!!  

Artificial Sweeteners, Diabetes and Obesity

Diet Related Diseases Leading Cause of Death in US

Turmeric and Your Health