Since my treatment at Lifestyle Therapeutix for CIPN, I have regained feeling in my legs and feet and am able to play racquetball again! I feel great!
— Tom, Huntsville

I have totally adopted a plant-based, vegan diet. My endocrinologist was stunned to see that my kidney levels were all going back in the right direction. This is such a blessing!
— John, Harvest

My family is thoroughly enjoying the new recipes I have learned in the Cooking Classes. They can’t believe how good the food tastes.
— Eleanor, Huntsville

I have learned so much about how to make healthier choices at the Lifestyle For Better Health Seminars on First Thursdays!
— Willie, Huntsville

They actually take time to pray with the patients. That means so much to me!
— Rosie, Huntsville

The food that they let you sample is delicious!! It tastes like the food my momma used to cook!
— Walter, Atlanta

I decided to adopt a plant-based diet as part of my bypass surgery. I have lost so much weight, I feel better and am no longer in my wheelchair!!
— Jo Ann, Huntsville

I couldn’t believe how much better my neuropathy got!! I learned so much!! I even encouraged my wife and daughter to attend the cooking classes! I can walk again without pain!
— James, Madison