Cookin' Up Good Health

Patients are often willing to make physician recommended dietary changes for better health.  Sometimes, however, they aren't quite sure where to start. With over 20 years of experience, the staff at Lifestyle Therapeutix is expert in meal planning, shopping and healthy, plant-based cooking.  And, you don't have to sacrifice taste in order to get the benefit of healthy food choices.  We promise, eating healthy has NEVER tasted so good.  Join us to Cook UP Good Health!!!


Weekly Patient Cooking Classes

As our patients learn the role of their personal choices in their health conditions, many are anxious to learn how to make healthier food choices.  Each week, they are welcome to participate in our "hands-on" Cookin' Up Good Health Cooking Classes.  All dishes are "plant-based" because plants provide the best army of health-promoting, disease-fighting, anti-oxidant, phytochemical protection for ourselves and those we love.  

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Cooking School


Learn how to cook delicious, Plant-Based Foods for Better Health!!

     -Live-Stream Cooking Classes

     -Self-Directed Online Cooking Videos YouTube Channel

     -Hands-On in the "Cooking Kitchen" at Lifestyle Therapeutix, these classes are 3 hours long.  Great idea if you are looking to add more plant-based dishes to your life. Bring Your Friends.  Bring Your Momma. Couples Night Out. Physician Prescription. Choose your class and register.  Be sure before you click.  NO REFUNDS #changeyourchoices #changeyourlife #flava #cookinupgoodhealth



Cookin' Up Good Health on YouTube

Join Donna Green-Goodman, MPH on YouTube for her Cooking Show, "Cookin' Up Good Health!".  The show which previously aired on DirectTv the HOPE Channel and locally on BounceTV, is a series of 13 shows that feature Plant-Based/Vegan recipes for Better Health and Healthy Lifestyle Tips! Take a look yourself. You are sure to enjoy it!